How To: Playing WoW on Dual Monitors

Dual Monitor World of Warcraft

Some people have asked how I have my game playing across both monitors, so below is my tutorial on how to set it up. It’s not for the faint of heart and requires a good knowledge of editing shortcuts and the WoW config file and monitor resolutions.

The benefits of this setup is so you can have nothing but health bars, hotbars, and aura alerts on your main screen while everything else is on the off-screen. Keeps everything super clean and clear on the monitor you look at the most while maintaining the same FPS since the off-monitor is not rendering anything. Read through the break for all the techy details on setting up a dual-monitor WoW.
It looks busier than it really is because I have ALL my PowerAuras up at the same time to show you how much you can fit on a 1920×1080 display. The big purple one is my Necrotic Plague alert!

The main “visual” mods I have up that you can see in the screenshot are:

Unit Frames – Shadowed Unit Frames
Hotbars – Dominos, ButtonFacade with custom art
Map – Carbonite, AlphaMap3
Chat – Prat
Auras – PowerAuras Classic

I also use SLDataText for the onscreen data like FPS, lag, durability, guild/friends lists, etc. On the main screen, the top number on bottom left is bag space, below that is durability, then clock, to the right side is latency, framerate, and memory use. The background is custom made and displayed using SunnArt.

Complete list of all my addons (some disabled)
Okay, here’s a step-by-step… let me know if it works for you.

Files in addition to WoW that you’ll need:
Add-on: Sunn – Viewport Art
External App: wind1.exe | Original blog post and more details

Setting it up:

  • Download the two items listed above.
  • Install Sunn – Viewport Art like you would any other addon
  • Copy the wind1.exe file to your WoW folder, or any other place you would like to run it from. It doesn’t matter where, just make a shortcut next to your WoW launcher shortcut.
  • Edit the file in a text editor like Notepad (WinXP it’s in the WoW folder, Vista or later it’s in the user\appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\WoW\WTF folder – by default)
  • Either add or edit the following lines:
    SET gxResolution “0000×0000″ (set this to 1/4 of your display resolution for BOTH monitors – ie 1920×1080 on 2 monitors would be “3840×1080″ / 4 = 960×270)
    SET gxWindow “1”
    SET windowResizeLock “1”
  • Save and close the file
  • Edit the wind1.exe shortcut using the below information
  • Open the WoW Launcher. Click Play. A small window for WoW should start loading; while it is loading, quickly run the wind1.exe shortcut. When WoW finishes loading, it should fill your entire displays (emulated fullscreen). Note, wind1.exe has to be run as administrator to operate properly, so give it proper authorizations.

At this point, it is a matter of using SunnArt to configure your display correctly. If you shrink it down to one screen for rendering and one screen for panels, you will want to use the MoveAnything addon to move your panels around, because everything by default will be centered around 0,0 (which is in the middle of your two displays). Remember to move all your DBM and raid alerts, PowerAuras, and anything else that is normally centered in your field of view if you want it to remain centered around your character view.


— Editing your wind1.exe shortcut.You need to edit the “target” line to adjust to your resolution. If there are quotes around the command, these options will go at the end and OUTSIDE the quotes. This obviously works best if at least the vertical resolution of both monitors is the same, but it will work even if they aren’t – you’ll just end up with a little less vertical space.

If the RIGHT side monitor is your primary monitor:

..\wind1.exe -#### 0 @@@@ $$$$

where #### is the horizontal resolution of your left side monitor, @@@@ is the total horizontal resolution of both monitors, and $$$$ is the SMALLER vertical resolution of either monitor (ie. if one is 1920×1080 and the other is 1440×1050, use 1050).

If the LEFT side monitor is your primary monitor:

..\wind1.exe 0 0 @@@@ $$$$

where @@@@ is the total horizontal resolution of both monitors and $$$$ is the SMALLER vertical resolution of either monitor (ie. if one is 1920×1080 and the other is 1440×1050, use 1050).

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  1. Racersims Says:

    I have 2 23″ monitors running at 1920X1080 and I have gotten it to span both monitors and even got the viewport to push the main graphics to the side I want but everything looks squished down I want it to be the full 1920×1080 but in the system info its shows it being like 800×600, am i doing somthing wrong?


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