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The Olde Standby

February 6, 2012 - 9:17 am 1 Comment

The Olde Standby

There’s something about World of Warcraft that just keeps me coming back for more. Or maybe it’s something about all the other MMOGs that just can’t keep my attention for long. Whatever the case may be, I’m back in Azeroth! It makes me wonder what it is about WoW that makes it the standby and not some other game. So, for my first post in a year at the World of Warcraft chapter of Die by the Arrow, I’m gonna touch on some things that make WoW special.

Certain games we play seem to grab hold and never shake loose. They become an emotional attachment. Most make an impact early in our gamer lives – Zelda comes to mind as the game that hooked me back when I was  years old. The Elder Scrolls series hooked me in my early teens. And then along came Everquest in my late teens, forever addicting me to the MMOG drug of choice. World of Warcraft somehow became the game to fall back on when all others didn’t make the grade, for whatever reason. Read through the cut to get a glimpse of why WoW is the only MMOG that keeps people coming back for more.


Some Pre-Spring Shuffling

February 3, 2012 - 8:45 am No Comments

The Die by the Arrow network is doing a little shuffling around right now. If you are looking for the RIFT content, please direct your browser to World of Warcraft also has its own section now – hit up

Also, a new addition to the network is coming – The Secret World will be featured at Stay tuned for more information on that!

Look for more posts on World of Warcraft as I resubed a few days ago. I’ll be getting into the latest Dragon Soul raids (I know, I’m way behind the curve here) and start looking into Hunter changes in the upcoming expansion.