Rose Petals and Lots of Perfume

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The Fractured Front - Deepholm

Seasonal events – oh how I love to hate them. It used to be about getting the What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been achievement for the Master Flying reward… but then I accidentally bought the flying so now it’s simply about getting the achievement points. The drake isn’t a bad reward either.

So anyway, Love is in the Air… this seasonal is pretty easy. After a few days of the dailies, you’ll pretty much be set to finish all the achievements, including the bonus achievements Tough Love, Lovely Luck Is On Your Side, and Perma-Peddle (that’s the cupid pet). Read on to find a quick and easy little guide for this colorful seasonal event and your Fool for Love achievement.

The first thing to do for this seasonal is to run the quest line that comes from Inspector Snip Snagglebolt near the Trade District bank in Stormwind. Run the quests through to the end, to include the item-triggered quest from the seasonal boss fight, the Crown Chemical Co.

After saving up around 100-120 (depending on your luck), buy up all the necessary goods from the Lovely Merchant. This includes candies, chocolates, [item]love rocket[/item]s, picnic baskets, silver shafted arrows, rose petals, a little perfume, and some [item]Love Fool[/item]s. Something to keep in mind here is that the majority of this stuff is tradeable, so use your alts if you can trust a middle-man to trade between (they can’t be mailed).

To share the burden of some of these achievements, keep in mind that Love Fools and the picnic achievement can be shared amongst people. Anyone can /pity any Love Fool, so you can team up with others to split up the cost. Candies and chocolates can be traded amongst people as well to fill in the gaps.

Finally, the only real challenge is collecting enough [item]Lovely Charm[/item]s to fabricate 12 [item]Lovely Charm Bracelet[/item]s. This will be pretty easy to do if you are leveling a toon over the course of the two week+ event. For level 85 toons, doing the Tol Barad and Therazane dailies for a few days should cover it. However, if you want to smash it out in one fell swoop, go to the Fractured Front in Deepholm. There are a bunch of groups of Stone Troggs warring it out with the dwarves up there. AOEing these groups down takes hardly any effort and each group will get you about 2-5 Lovely Charms. The screenshot above is the Fractured Front.

As far as seasonal achievements go, this Valentines special is safely on the easy end of the spectrum. There is only one truly PVP-involved achievement in Arathi Basin, while sprinkling rose petals on members of the opposite faction should be easy out in Tol Barad or while running Therazane dailies. These events that have us hitting select classes of certain races have become quite the problem for non-PVPers since we are no longer frequenting neutral banking hubs!

Enjoy yourselves out there and good luck on your Long, Strange Trip!

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