New Address on the Internets

February 6, 2011 - 12:09 am 1 Comment

World of Awesomesauce now has a new address – This makes the site much easier to find and gives it a more officially-here-for-good vibe. So update your bookmarks, links, blogs, and social networking walls!

I know there aren’t a lot of you reading my blog yet, but please keep passing the word around to all your friends and link-back to me on your own blogs, Facebooks, and Twitter walls! To all of you that are visiting, please post some comments. The more people I know that are reading the more compelled I am to blog more often!

Also, send in your questions or comments about World of Warcraft, hunters, warriors, or any other games for that matter! I need more topics to blog about!

By the way, Imminent Destruction has a new website as well – visit it at We are recruiting more quality raiders for our second ten-man raid team!

One Response to “New Address on the Internets”

  1. Lady Spahn Says:

    I must admit I am clearly uneducated and certainly inexperienced in regards to the subject of your blog and World of Awesomesauce but I did and do enjoy reading your skillful writing. I do inherently harbor an unconditional bias but recognize a talented quill and ink when it crosses my path. From your fingertips to my eyes…


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