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February 3, 2011 - 12:03 pm 1 Comment

Let me begin by saying, when I started World of Warcraft in the vanilla beta, I was a Hordie. My very first character was Aalwein, a troll hunter. My trusted companion was Death Flayer (which took a several hours camp to get). That character still exists today… transported from Arthas to Khaz’Goroth and renamed Gesthal. He never got past level 54, never made any real progress in tradeskills, and the only action he has seen in the last 6 years or so has been laundering Horde cooking recipes and cosmetic pets onto the Alliance market. So when I say “I’m a switcher,” it’s a bit like saying I’m back to my roots.

Since my wife (girlfriend at the time) started playing WoW, I’ve been Alliance. Mind you, blood elves didn’t exist yet and she refused to play an “ugly” character. So along came her cute little gnome mage with pink pigtails while a new Aalwein was born, of the night elven lineage. Years later, my account is dotted with characters on many servers, but the only ones out of their teens, aside from Gesthal, are Alliance characters. That is, until just last week; Saporo is my new blood elf warrior. Hit the jump to find out why I’m a switcher.

Alright, so maybe calling myself a switcher is a bit over the top. My wife made a Horde toon to play with some of her work friends who happen to have a guild on the Horde side our server (shout-out to Patience). We had some recent guild drama and so it felt like a good way to escape some of that would be to have a lazy day on the horde side. That likely will be all it amounts to for her – she barely has the time to maintain one toon on one faction, but for me it fits in as a very viable past-time.

Why be a switcher?

Let’s be honest here, everyone knows the Alliance is way better looking. The “good team” just has to be smexy, it’s like a prerequisite to any good game. The good guys are always the dashingly handsome and Victoria’s Secret models gone wild. The bad guys, well they are supposed to be ugly – it’s one of the defining characteristics of “bad guy.” While there will always be debate about who is good and bad in Azeroth, just remember: those orcs were the invaders – they were the bad guys! However that line between good and bad is very blurred these days, and with blood elves bringing sexy back to the Horde it’s hard to say who the good team is anymore.

But there is no debating that the architects for the Horde are leaps and bounds ahead of their Alliance counterparts. Horde buildings are just rad. Yeah, I said “rad.” If the Horde had nothing else to claim as superior, they will always have their cities, towns, outposts, towers, and every other structure they’ve built. Should the Alliance ever beat back the Horde and send them packing back to Outland, I have a feeling their buildings will be left with as little damage as possible because the Alliance wants them for their own!

I mean, look at Orgrimmar compared to Stormwind. Sure, Orgri is a bit confusing at first, but the city itself, built into the cliffs, embracing the earth instead of forcing its will upon it, it’s a work of art (and very “trendy green”). Stormwind… meh. It’s expansion since Deathwing’s lashing has brought more Stormwind but it hasn’t improved it any. While Kezan was originally a neutral city and since destroyed, the Goblins joined the team that they recognized had the better eye for architecture. Kezan was a marvel and perhaps some day they will build another – lucky Hordies. All the Alliance got was an abandoned city infected by yet another plague.

It’s a part-time thing

While Saporo and Gesthal will get lots of play time, I’m not a full time switcher. I’ve got a lot invested in the Alliance and Imminent Destruction and I still have much more to accomplish (5 of 12 by the way – right on the verge of 6 and 7). Come the end of this year though, all bets are off. Life changes are going to make things real interesting, and whether I stay Alli or go Hordie is yet to be seen.

My name is Aalwein, and I’m a part-time switcher.

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  1. Fuarghan Says:

    feel like I’m at an AA meeting after reading that last line. Excellent blog as always mate.


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