After the dust settled…

February 7, 2011 - 12:52 pm 3 Comments

Val & Thera First Kill

A few days after the guild drama, a roster cut by well over half its normal raiders, a new website, and the switch from Ventrilo to Mumble, Imminent Destruction was back on top. We carried our Halfus lockout into a new week and Valiona & Theralion went down after many hard fought attempts.

That was last week. This week we started fresh. With everyone amped up we stormed into Halfus’s lair and one-shot the dude. Five of us died in the process, but a win is a win. We got some very happy loot. After collecting ourselves we went to fight the sisters high on life. It was ugly. They showed us just how mean they are. After 14 attemps and a good handful of unlucky RNG deaths, they finally went down. Yaegar got more loots – yeah he’s definitely a loot whore. Read through the cut to get a little insight into the dungeon that is Bastion of Twilight.

Bastion of Twilight feels like the new Icecrown Citadel. We’ve spent a lot of time in there. It’s safe to say, the bulk of our time in Cataclysm raiding has been in there. The reason? Epic BOEs. Much like people would do trash runs in ICC for loot and rep, BOT offers the same rewards. The first room in BOT offers up seven trash packs. Each and every mob has a small chance to drop an epic BOE. It is a great way for teams to gear up because there are a good seven or eight drops, at least one drop for every class (except hunters). ID does at least one trash run a week and generally comes out with at least one BOE (while some nights can net as many as four or five).

While no dungeon in Cataclysm has the sheer number of bosses ICC did, BOT has a mix of fights that are very similar to the mix in ICC. Halfus can be a different fight every week because the drakes that give him his abilities vary week-to-week. The sisters are two bosses but bring many different concepts from ICC into one battle. Then you have the Twilight Ascendent Council which truly tests your raid’s movement and awareness skills. All these fights have individually unique tricks and strategies, but nearly all of them have been seen before, in ye olde ICC.

Stay tuned for our first Council kill and onward to the depths of Blackwing Descent. Stay awesome, people.

Recent Boss Loots: [item]Security Measure Alpha[/item] | [item]Organic Lifeform Inverter[/item] | [item]Essence of the Cyclone[/item] | [item]Dragonheart Piercer[/item] | [item]Blade of the Witching Hour[/item] | [item]Legguards of the Emerald Brood[/item] | [item]Jumbotron Power Belt[/item] | [item]Akirus the Worm-Breaker[/item] | [item]Lifecycle Waistguard[/item] | [item]Life Force Chargers[/item]

3 Responses to “After the dust settled…”

  1. Fuarghan Says:

    As always bud a great read and it’s definately one of my must check sites. We all know the ones we must check either daily or weekly and yours happens to be part of my required weekly reading list.

    Thanks again



    Aalwein Reply:

    Thanks for reading and commenting – at least someone enjoys my writing!


  2. Lady Spahn Says:

    I enjoy your writing as well Aalwein. Although not a WoW or “hard core gamer”, I will read your blogs with enthusiasm and zeal! I may not understand the content but I will give it my undue attention…I promise! =)


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