Week One Wrap-up

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ODS First Kill

Our third night of raiding is over – that wraps up week one of raiding, the first week of raiding post-Cataclysm. We spent most of the second raid night this week (17 attempts, in fact) focused on the Omnitron Defense System. As I said in my previous post, we almost got it. Well, we walked in to the fight on night three and one-shot the thing! There was a bit of toon swapping before the fight, though, so I didn’t have a log. Not to worry, this won’t happen again! I have LoggerHead now – no more forgotten /combatlog commands!

With the whole night ahead of us (granted a bit of a late start) we moved on to Maloriak. Honestly, I think we were all high after one-shotting ODS (and more then a few raiders were drunk) so we really didn’t make a lot of progress. But it was fun all the same. One thing to note, Pyremaw, one of the trash mobs in the cauldron outside Maloriak’s room, is a pain in the ass. Do your guild a favor – stack, smash the aoe (use cooldowns), and aoe heal. It’s the easy way! Read on for my first review of Cataclysm raiding.

Cataclysm raiding is easily summarized: move it or lose it. Icecrown Citadel had a lot of emphasis on movement, but nothing compares it to Blackwing Descent. Failure to move leads to a raid wipe in almost every facet of the fights. ICC had some forgiveness; BWD will punish not just the person who didn’t move but probably half the raid as well. The dynamics of these fights are insanely important, and, as with ODS, you’ve got as many as six boss abilities to deal with at any given moment. Controlled chaos is an excellent way to describe the ODS fight; I’m sure there will be plenty more of that as ID continues to progress.

While movement and behaving within the constructs of the fight are of the utmost importance in these raids, dps as a second important factor is not far behind. This is somewhat obvious – you can run around a bunch and avoid damage, but if you aren’t doing any then the boss won’t die. However, within these raids there is a sweet spot where the difference between success and defeat is defined.

This magic number is right about 70,000 overall raid dps, give or take a few thousand. In general, if your guild is running three healers and two tanks, this means the DPS team has to accumulate around 60,000 dps (assuming the tanks are doing around 5k each). In practice, some classes are doing better than others, but if every DPS player shoots for 10k dps, your team should be ready to squash the bosses. Roughly 8k dps on a boss dummy translates to around that 10k mark in a raid.

For the casual player, these raids are more than approachable. Achieving an average item level of 346 is not hard, and it is at about that point in which you become viable on raids. This means if you can get a heroic dungeon piece for every slot, or at least supplement a few 333s with an epic item or two from reputation vendors, you are set to raid, as far as gear in concerned. This is entirely possible for a casual player to achieve, especially for those casuals in guilds. Just be certain you watch the TankSpot or Yogscast strategy videos so you are prepared for the tactics!

By the way, so far Blackwing Descent has been less then helpful with loot drops. We got more rogue loot. Yay for another [item]Maelstrom Crystal[/item]

Omnitron Defense System First Kill – Loot: [item]Security Measure Alpha[/item] | [item]Organic Lifeform Inverter[/item]

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