Taming Rare Pets… Again!

January 27, 2011 - 12:14 pm 1 Comment

So since my last post about rare pets, I’ve been checking on spawns, camping them for an hour here or there. Sitting in one spot for too long brings flash backs of my younger days… back in Everquest camping Stormfeather for the quest item that rewarded me with the epic Eyepatch of Plunder. That camp was 96 hours straight, logged in the entire time, napping off and on with my speakers up so loud it would wake a bear on Christmas – oh, and I was four or five boxing at any given time as well. My guild renamed the zone after that… from Iceclad Ocean to “Aalwein’s Frozen Buttprint.”

Needless to say, I’m too old and too damned busy now to actually sit on a spawn point for too long. I had basically relegated myself to a collection of tamed boss pets and a few random semi-rares here and there. But one day, on my regular patrol for spirit beasts, I finally came across a winner. Read through the break to find out about my “Great Taming Day.”

Everyone has their favorite pet skins. For me, I like to tame pets that look like animals my kids like. Baby Jaguar from the TV show Go Diego Go is one of my son’s absolute favorite. There is an entire pride of stuffed jaguars in his room. I’ve wanted a spirit beast for the longest time now, but I’ve just never been lucky enough to find one up. Any beast would be fine, but if I could get Loque’Nahak my kid would be ecstatic. Well, it was my lucky day … my patrol in Northrend finally awarded me with a spirit beast and BabyJaguar was tamed!

Loque'Nahak tamed - BabyJaguar


My kids are always asking me to show them my “best buddy” when I’m playing. They love to see all the different pets I have. Never have they exclaimed out loud before when they saw one. When they saw BabyJaguar, instantly it was, loud as can be, “You have Baby Jaguar!” Now hopefully beast masters will be a viable spec come 4.0.6 so I can actually use him!

But my day wasn’t over there. I went on to check the usual suspects. Nothing else up in Northrend. No Ghostcrawler in Vash’ir. No Terrorpene. By this time, I had errands to run so I logged out in Hyjal and went about my day. About three hours later, I log back in and the sound effect damn near sends me through the ceiling. NPCScan alert! TERRORPENE! OMG!

So in the same day, I tame not only my spirit beast, but also my flaming turtle tank. Lucy cried a bit… she knew her days as my go to lady for keeping bosses and baddies busy were over. To the stable she went. INFERNO (yes, all caps of course!) was the new hotness (pun entirely intended) and immediately saw face time in my heroics later that evening. I never thought I’d tame Terrorpene – it just seemed too unlikely I’d be there at the right time and not have to battle a dozen other hunters for it, especially after I had already spent days camping the sucker and never even saw signs of life. But there he was, roaming around.

In a tribute to the great things Lucy did as my loyal tank pet, here’s a picture to immortalize you on the internets! Enjoy your retirement – you’ll always be my favorite Beetle!

Lucy the Beetle Tank

Lucy the Beetle Tank

And to the level 82 hunter who was there at the time. I’m sorry I took the tame. I had to! Besides, you were going to need healer help to get it yourself at 82.

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  1. fuarghan Says:

    WoW Gratz Buddy. To Lucy I shall miss seeing you tank the phoenix in Lost City.


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