Return of the Raid

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Magmaw First KillAfter only two nights of raiding, Imminent Destruction dropped our first boss since the release of Cataclysm. Our first night was very rough. Not only do we have new skills and abilities to master in a raid environment, we have new bosses, new strategies, and new boss mechanics to learn. However, even though on our first night we only managed to drop Magmaw to 48%, we learned very quickly and by the end of the evening we were clicking very well. We knew what we were doing wrong and where we needed to improve. I only had one thing to say: damn it’s good to be raiding again.

Night two was a great success. We came in loaded with a new strategy against Magmaw. The first go was messy – we had to get a feel for this new strategy. The second and third tries were progressively better. On the fourth try, Magmaw was toast – and we got the Parasite Evening achievement to boot! I’m sure the healers will emphatically disagree, on that fourth go it really showed the fight is not all that hard. It’s all about timing and movement. And that, my friends, brings me to the key to Cataclysm raiding thus far.

If the Cataclysm heroics have taught you nothing, you need to go back and reevaluate them. Heroics are like playing with crayons when done with a group that is well coordinated, communicating, and executing the strategies. That steep learning curve to mastering heroics was there for a reason. Cataclysm raids are like heroics on steroids – as they should be. All the emphasis on moving, changing targets, and prioritizing heals in heroics are the key components to winning in raids. Kids, if you haven’t learned to stop casting when the pool of badness forms under your feet, you’re doing it wrong. If you haven’t learned that moving to the right place comes before smashing your DPS rotation, you’re doing it wrong. Heroics separate the adults from the trade trolls and there’s no room for children in Blackwing Descent.

After ID dropped Magmaw, we went on to 17 attempts against the Omnitron Defense System. Of the 17 attempts, only three lasted longer than 5 minutes. Our healers ran out of mana, right? Nope. Our tanks didn’t use cooldowns, right? Nope. The majority of those 14 bad attempts were failures to move properly. To be fair, the ODS has an absolute ton of mechanics going on that have to be accounted for. Fire AOE here, laser blast there, a few bombs over in that corner, and, oh, let’s throw in some Baron Geddon-style player-kills-the-raid tricks. It’s a fight that requires your raid team to be just on the cusp of chaos but somehow hang on that fading edge of order.

By the end of the night, we had two shots that got ODS below 10%. The first time, it was like everything finally clicked but just a smidge too late – because by the time we had it together we had just lost too many DPS (and me disconnecting during the middle of the fight for two minutes didn’t help matters). The next attempt we got it down to 6% but in our zeal for victory we forgot to lay off the shield at the end. Mechanics people… you can’t ever forget to properly execute because the second you slip, the boss laughs and rips your face off (and the face of the nearest three people to you)!

All in all, I’m so glad to be back in action. Imminent Destruction is in a good place and there will be much to post about in the near future. Many dead bosses to post about.

And how leather dropped with not a druid or rogue in sight…

Magmaw First Kill – Loot: [item]Parasitic Bands[/item] | [item]Crown of Burning Waters[/item]

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