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January 4, 2011 - 11:45 pm 2 Comments

Not much going on lately except brain-meltingly long heroic dungeon grinds. Imminent Destruction starts raiding tomorrow night and the last couple weeks we’ve been hitting the dungeon grind hardcore. Based on WoW-Heroes numbers, we’re looking good. We already did a “trial run” of sorts in Baradin Hold, the Tol Barad dungeon akin to Wintergrasp’s Vault of Archavon. The end result: we dropped Pit Lord Argaloth with literally 1.2 seconds left before enrage… even after dropping over 75k damage per second.

Since the launch of Cataclysm, much has changed aside from the obvious destruction of the world. Obviously the first thing we all came across was the difficulty of heroics. Crazy hard is a pretty good description of heroics. There’s several bosses that “pug eater” just fails to accurately describe. But like every difficulty in World of Warcraft, players always prevail. Hit the cut to read more about what Cataclysm is like nearly a month after launch.There’s no doubt the jump from normal to heroic dungeons in Cataclysm is ridiculous. There’s no easing into difficult content – every heroic dungeon is a huge leap. It would have been nice if Blizzard gave us a stair-stepping of difficulty across the different heroic dungeons. I thought the Icecrown heroics did a great job of gradually increasing difficulty to allow players to ease into the nightmare that was the Halls of Reflection. I’d like to see more three-stage dungeon quest lines in the furute.

As expected, Cataclysm heroics have become mostly faceroll for well-geared and organized teams. Within Imminent Destruction, several “teams” naturally fell together to clear dungeons and gear up fast. After the race to 85, quick queues and guild teams geared our tanks and healers in a flash. After the tanks and healers were over the 340 item level, the dps classes filed through. Now, even Grim Batol is a grab and smash aoe fest. It’s still not quite the average Wrath heroic, but it’s only a matter of time until we are raid geared and literally sleeping through Halls of Origination.

Next, let’s talk about Ghostcrawler’s feedback on class balance. Yes, survival hunters are, at the moment, a bit overpowered. So are warlocks (especially those destro locks) and so are frost dks. Personally, while I understand that SV does need to be brought down a bit, I’m quite enjoying being tops right now. I never jumped on the marksman bandwagon in Wrath and I paid for it in constant sarcasm. However, I also managed to stay toe-to-toe with any marks hunter I raided with. I kind of feel like the current survival build is my karmic payback for all that time I bucked the norm! While I will be sad when we get nerfed, I will gladly make the trade for bug fixes to serpent sting, black arrow, and serpent spread + cobra shot.

As for where warriors are at, apparently they are in a good place as GC had nothing to say about them. This is fine with me; I’ve been having no problems tanking. Aside from dps attacking early or healers getting jumpy, even aoe packs, which in the past have been a bit of a challenge to tank for a warrior, have been but a couple GCDs to lock down. Remember dps – warriors need two GCDs to really stretch out the aoe agro – give them a few seconds before you faceroll! Oh, and every protection warrior should glyph Victory Rush and combine it with Impending Victory and Field Dressing. You can really help your healer out in that last 20% – especially if the healer failed to move out of that Inferno Leap.

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  1. Fuarghan Says:

    Thank god the dungeon grind has finished now for the Raid grind to begin. I will admit Vinny you have waved the SV banner for quite some time, so as u say karmic payback is deserved even if its only until GC brings out the Bat.


    aalwein Reply:

    I really hope he doesn’t hit SV too hard. Frostheim himself agrees that it’s SV’s turn to be on top. Afterall, MM had all of vanilla and most of Wrath, BM had all of BC and some of Wrath. SV was tops for a couple months in Wrath until the ArP stacking took it away for MM. SV’s turn to be and STAY on top dangit!


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