How not to pull like a dope

December 26, 2010 - 12:01 am 2 Comments

With the launch of 4.0.1, a new combat system was implemented that allowed us to queue up our next shot. This was both good and bad. On the good side, we are not as much at the mercy of our ping to use a good rotation. Our next shot will now fire off on the server at nearly the speed the client expects it to. This is great for those hunters on bad connections.

The bad side is that we now have to be very careful when the mob is about to die. While we have the option to have auto attack turn off when our target changes, nothing stops it from auto targeting the next closest mob in range when we press the next command. Click the jump to read about a macro solution to avoid breaking your own cc’ed mob.

Where this becomes a problem the most is kill shot. We tend to mash the kill shot key when a mob approaches the threshold. If the mob dies while we are hitting that key, we auto target the next mob and start autoattack. When that next mob is cc’d or another pack entirely, it can quickly lead to a wipe.

Here’s the solution I whipped up a few days ago. Create a kill shot macro like so:

/cast [harm, exists] kill shot

This macro does two things for you. First, it cancels your current attack. This is helpful if you happen to be casting cobra shot when the mob hits 20%. Next, it will ONLY fire kill shot if you have a target and it is an enemy. This prevents you from auto targeting a mob should your target die while hitting the key.

Now, this trick would work for every shot you find yourself “accidentally” pulling extra mobs or breaking cc with, but if you are anything like me, your macro space is dwindling.

2 Responses to “How not to pull like a dope”

  1. Fuarghan Says:

    Noice Macro bud i think i’ll switch my current KS macro to this save that omg i broke my own cc shot.

    Now to find a way to stop pet running of and attacking my wyvern sting target.


  2. Daryah Says:

    This doesn’t stop the guild achievement hungry people killing random critters and …..accidentally targeting the wrong thing. Hunter awesome isn’t so awesome in this case and most of the time even your 3 cc abilities can’t always save you or your group :)


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