Advanced Hunter Macros

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What does this one do?

Yesterday’s post got me to thinking – I’ve got well over 30 macros just for my hunter. I should probably share the good ones. After the jump I detail all my most used macros and the exact commands to replicate them.

Explosive Shot

Pops my wrist enchant (Hyperspeed Accelerators) if available after firing off Explosive shot. Sound effects disabled so I can smash it when cooldown nears end and can pop the bracer should the timers desync.

#showtooltip Explosive Shot
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast Explosive Shot
/use [harm] 10
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Kill Command

Similar to my explosive shot macro, it uses my enchant and pops Bestial Wrath to maximize Kill Command damage.

#showtooltip Kill Command
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast [harm] Bestial Wrath
/cast Kill Command
/use [harm] 10
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Steady Shot/Cobra Shot

This is a tip from the old timers: this macro used to be /autoshot instead of /startattack, but there seems to be a bug with /autoshot. This macro makes sure you fire off an auto shot before channeling into your cobra/steady.

/cast Cobra Shot


This macro automatically misdirects to your current target if that target is a friendly target, if not it checks your focus, and if you have no friendly target or focus, it will direct to your pet. If none of the conditions are met, the macro will not fire.

/cast [help] Misdirection; [@focus,help] Misdirection;[@pet,exists] Misdirection

Cooldown Burst

How many times have you hit your burst cooldown macro when you weren’t in combat? This macro stops this from ever happening again. It pops all your dps boosts (you can macro in trinkets following the same technique as the “/use” line here) if an only if you have an enemy targeted.

/castsequence [harm] reset=3 focus fire, rapid fire
/cast [harm] Call of the Wild
/use [harm] 10

Trash Pack AoE

One of my favs; press it once to fire Multi-shot, twice to arm your launcher, and a third time to queue up Explosive Trap. You can spam the button and not lose your targeting reticule. Change targets or wait 2 seconds and it resets to Multi-shot. Fire, tab, fire, load, fire, tab, fire, etc.

/castsequence reset=2 Multi-shot, !Trap Launcher, !Explosive Trap, null

All-pupose Pet Macro

This one is confusing. Play with it. Holding the ctrl and shft buttons while right and left clicking to different things. Feed portion requires the Feed-0-matic addon.

/cast [pet,mod:ctrl]Dismiss Pet;[mod:shift]Beast Lore;[nopet, mod:ctrl]Tame Beast
/castsequence [target=pet,dead] reset=3 Revive Pet, null; [nopet] reset=3 Call Pet 1, Revive Pet; [pet] reset=9 Mend Pet, Cower
/click [nopet,btn:2]FOM_FeedButt

Trap/Wyvern Combo

Hit this macro once to arm the trap launcher and a second time to bring up the targeting reticule. Click the mouse to launch. After hitting it the second time, the macro becomes a wyvern sting. Arm the launcher, load the trap, click the world to place, then click again to sting.

#showtooltip Freezing Trap
/castsequence reset=10 !Trap Launcher, !Freezing Trap, Wyvern Sting, null

Universal Trap Launcher

Modify this macro to fit your trapping needs by replacing the trap details. Click once to arm, twice to load, then drop the trap. Spamming it will not interrupt the targeting.

#showtooltip Ice Trap
/castsequence reset=2 !Trap Launcher, !Ice Trap, null


As seen in my previous post; fires off kill-shot if and only if you have an enemy targeted and will not auto-target something if you don’t have a target. Any shot can be substituted in, if you have the macro space.

#showtooltip kill shot
/cast [harm, exists] kill shot

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